Introducing PlayPosit in the TLE

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TLE PlayPosit Integration

The TLE now proudly features PlayPosit, an integrated video tool, for all professional subscribers. playposit is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons, called "bulbs." with playposit, users harness the power of interactive video to blend, flip, or conduct video presentations or sharing easily.

Bulb creators begin with any online video (TLE video, screencasts, Khan Academy, TED, etc.) and transform what is traditionally passive content into an active experience for viewers, with time-embedded activities. With PlayPosit's advanced monitor analytics, users can obtain real-time data on viewers' activities within the embedded content to effectively inform their work. All Professional TLE accounts now include full access to PlayPosit.

You’ll now find a link to your TLE-based PlayPosit account on the top bar of the TLE homepage:


PlayPosit functionality

PlayPosit offers many valuable features to TLE users, including:
  • A time stamped comment and discussion feature
  • Working with multiple clips of the same video
  • Sharing of videos directly via a URL or within user defined groups called “classes”
  • Switching easily between bulb creator and viewer roles within PlayPosit
Begin working more with PlayPosit using tips from our Support site:

Begin working more with PlayPosit using tips from our support site.

Please reach out to the TLE support team ( for assistance or with your questions.

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