Glossary of PlayPosit Terms

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This article is intended to help orient TLE users with the common language inside the PlayPosit platform, which includes the following terms:


A bulb is a PlayPosit creation in which one or more videos (or clips thereof) are layered with interactive elements such as comments, questions, or discussion prompts. In TLE's integration of PlayPosit, bulbs can include TLE videos, which are visible to all TLE users who have access to those videos within their TLE account.

Interaction or Question

An interaction or question is a PlayPosit element that can be applied to a segment or instance of a bulb video. Interactions include question types such as multiple choice, check all, free response, fill in the blank, or polling survey as well as a reflective pause, embedded web link, or discussion forum. In TLE's PlayPosit integration, bulb viewers can respond to interactions as both Instructors and Students, but their responses will only be recorded in Student role.


When a TLE user logs into PlayPosit as an Instructor, they can create or edit bulbs, create classes  to share bulbs with other TLE PlayPosit users, preview their own or other Instructors' bulbs (but responses are not recorded), or monitor activity and responses within their own bulbs. In order to switch to the Student role, users must "X" out of all PlayPosit windows and return to the PlayPosit login screen in the TLE to select the Student role.


When a TLE user logs into PlayPosit as a Student, they can view bulbs - either using a standalone bulb Share URL or through Classes where they are members to which bulbs have been assigned - as well as enter recorded responses within those bulbs. Student mode is the best way to view bulbs shared by other TLE PlayPosit users.

Share URL

The Share URL is a bulb-specific web link and one way to view a bulb created by another TLE PlayPosit user, whether or not that bulb has been assigned to one of the Instructor's classes. The bulb creator can share the URL with any TLE PlayPosit user in order to allow them to view the bulb.


A class is a space within PlayPosit where Instructors can add other TLE users (who join in Student mode) to share Instructor created bulbs with them. Classes are one way to organize bulb sharing and makes it easy for both Instructors to track their own sharing as well as other users to locate bulbs that have been shared with them. Instructors can add users as Students to a class by sharing the class-specific join code with them (see below). 

Class join code

A class join code is a unique code associated with a PlayPosit class that an Instructor can send to their students in order to invite them to join the class where bulbs are shared. Instructors can find the class join code for a class by visiting the class in the PlayPosit main menu along the sidebar, and then clicking on the "class join code" icon in the upper right corner of the screen (see below). Instructors can provide this code to Students when inviting them to join a class where bulbs are shared.




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