Viewing a PlayPosit Bulb

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In PlayPosit, you can view a bulb created by another Instructor in a couple of ways:

  1. Through the "Share URL" that the creator of that bulb provides directly
  2. As a member of a Class to which a bulb has been assigned

Note that for (2), you must be logged into your TLE PlayPosit account as a Student in order to access Classes to which you are a member where bulbs have been assigned. 

Instructors and Students can view bulbs using the direct bulb URL, but only in Student role will the viewers responses to bulb interactions be recorded. Bulbs are viewed in "preview mode" when accessed by other Instructors.

Finally, in order to view videos used in bulbs, you must have access to those videos through your TLE account through collections or channels that you are a member of.

Using the "Share URL" to view a Bulb

In this case, the Instructor who created a bulb will send the "Share URL" in order to share it with other TLE PlayPosit users. The best way to view bulbs in this way is to login to your PlayPosit account as a Student, and then click on the Share URL provided to you by the bulb creator (e.g. from an email message or shared document, etc). This will open a new window where you can view the bulb and interact where applicable.

If you encounter an error screen indicating that you don't have access to a video through the TLE, contact the bulb creator or TLE Support ( to learn more.


Viewing Bulbs through a Class

Instructors may choose to create a Class and assign bulbs to that class in order to share them with other TLE PlayPosit users. In order to view a bulb this way, you will need to join the Class where the bulb has been assigned, using either the Class Join Code or the Class URL, provided by the Instructor. Both of these methods require being in Student role as Class membership only supports users in Student mode.

To join a Class using the Class Join Code, first login to PlayPosit as a Student. You will see your PlayPosit homepage as a Student with "My Classes" across the top.

Then click on the "Add Class" button near the top of the screen.

In the "Search Classes" screen that appears, enter or paste in the Class Join Code you have received from the Instructor, and click the "Search" button. You will become a Student in that Class. The Class name should now appear in your menu of Classes.

Enter the Class by clicking on the thumbnail, and you will see any bulbs that have been assigned to that Class.




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