How may I use TLE videos for research purposes?

Francesca Levey TLE Support Team -

There are some limited ways that you can use videos in the Teaching and Learning Exploratory as a minor part of research efforts, if the videos are not the focus of your research.

This includes (but is not limited to): informal individual explorations, access for teams forming research questions, testing out analytic frameworks, developing code schemes, honing observational skills, and much more. Some research may result in shareable findings, in which case you should contact us through our website.

If you want to use METX videos as a focal part of your IRB-approved research and/or use the original MET quantitative files and videos in conjunction with METX videos, then you will need to use the secure research MET Longitudinal Database housed at the University of Michigan Inter-university Consortium for Social and Political Research (ICPSR).  Here is a link to the MET Longitudinal Database.  

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