How were videos tagged?

Francesca Levey TLE Support Team -

The Measures of Effective Teaching Extension (MET Extension) tag scheme was developed during the first half of 2012 and tested during a two week pilot program in August 2012 and throughout fall 2012. 

The scheme includes six English language arts (ELA) forms and seven mathematics forms. Each form contains between eight and twelve tag items. TeachingWorks subject matter experts created written descriptions for each tag item with bulleted ‘examples’ and ‘what this tag is not’ text. TeachingWorks experts also identified two short video clip exemplars for every tag item and two five-minute video clip training segments for each form.

The video clip exemplars were chosen from MET Extension video files. All items we piloted and where agreement didn’t meet threshold (75%) with master-taggers, the tags were reviewed and revisions were considered.


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