What are the differences between channels, collections, and playlists?

Francesca Levey TLE Support Team -


Channels are user generated collections. A user can personally manage their own content from TLE collections, upload content, and control who the content is shared with. We are presently developing this particular feature and hope that it will aid in collaborative learning and exploration within the TLE.

Interested in helping us pilot this feature? Contact us at support@umichsoe.zendesk.com to learn more.



Collections are large sets of media shared for access by the whole TLE community. In the future, we anticipate that some collections will require special subscriptions, but until April 30, 2014, all members of the TLE will be able to readily access all available collections, such as METX.

Learn more about the METX collection and upcoming collections.



Playlists are one of the many unique features of the TLE. They allow a user to save media for future viewing.



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