What is METX?

Francesca Levey TLE Support Team -

The Measures of Effective Teaching Extension (METX) Collection includes classroom footage and scanned lesson artifacts captured during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years. The METX project enlisted more than 350 teacher volunteers from six school districts, collecting video and other artifacts of everyday classroom activities that document thousands of lessons. This was a large-scale effort to create a rich resource for educators and researchers that will contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning.

The recorded lessons in the METX collection include a variety of English Language Arts and Mathematics classroom topics as well as a range of lessons and activities. Many of the videos have been tagged using a tag scheme based on the Common Core State Standards and the TeachingWorks High Leverage Practices. The collection also includes an array of lesson artifacts—teacher lesson plans, worksheets and handouts, homework assignments, and images of board work. [https://tle.soe.umich.edu/MetxInfo]

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