What are the technical requirements of PlayPosit?

Francesca Levey TLE Support Team -

High-Speed Internet Connection

PlayPosit is a web-based application, and there is no software to download or install on your desktop or laptop computer. Any computer or desktop purchased in the last three years with a recent operating system and a high-speed internet connection, should be able to use PlayPosit easily.

We recommend having at least 1 to 2 Mbps per individual user. Since PlayPosit's interactive elements are added to the streaming video, and tied to the video timeline, a slow connection can make PlayPosit seem buggy and it's a less than optimal viewing experience.


Web Browser Compatibility

PlayPosit is optimized for the latest versions of Google Chrome. If possible, it's recommended to use this browser for student playback, building lessons, and classroom management. Student playback is also certified for the latest version of Safari (Safari 10). 

The Quality Assurance team of PlayPosit does testing of student playback on the latest version of major updated browsers. Please below find a list of outstanding browser-specific issues. If you find any issues during your use of PlayPosit, please inform team@playposit.com and we will work to resolve it. 

FireFox (51.0.1) playback - 

  • When skipping of questions is enabled, learner will not see a 'continue' button
  • Responding with rich text to a question initiates the opening up of a new browser tab
  • Occasionally, at the end of the lesson, the end of lesson notification of completion will have an infinite load saying the lesson is being saved. 

Internet Explorer 
At this time, it's recommended to complete avoiding building lessons as an instructor or playing lessons as a student with Internet Explorer. 

Safari (Safari 9 and below)
Closed captions are not currently supported on Safari versions 9 and below. Please upgrade to the latest version (Safari 10), if your learners need access to CC. 


iPad and Android Tablet Compatibility

For building PlayPosit bulbs, it's not recommend to use a phone or tablet device. For viewing PlayPosit lessons as a student on iPhone or iPad, we recommend viewing from an updated Chrome or Safari browser.  

There is not currently an Android app. Since PlayPosit is a web-based project, bulbs can play on Android tablet (OS 4.2+) web browsers. For the best experience, we still recommend using Google Chrome.


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