Getting started in PlayPosit

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This article covers how to begin working with PlayPosit through your TLE account:

Make sure you are logged into your TLE account at:

Click on “PlayPosit" in the top navigation bar.



As an Instructor:

  • Build bulbs with TLE media
  • Create Classes and Assign bulbs
  • Preview others' bulbs (no response tracking)
  • View metrics, including Student responses, for created bulbs

As a Student:

  • View assigned bulbs
  • Respond to bulb prompts
  • Recieve bulb assignments from others

You are now signed into PlayPosit through your TLE account in the same window. You may wish to reopen the TLE in a new window alongside your PlayPosit tab.

To begin working with a video in PlayPosit, click on “New” and then "Bulb" to start a new bulb. Existing bulbs you have created will appear in the center section of the screen.


In the tab and menu that open, select “Kaltura.” Type the first few characters of the video you want to include in your bulb, and it should appear.

Click on the thumbnail in the search results. Then select “Add” to add it to your bulb.


Apply edits to your bulb such as cropping (or trimming) the video length or adding different user interactions. Generally, you can click on the orange interaction button to select the type of interaction you'd like to include, and insert it at the desired point in the video. 


The PlayPosit knowledge base's "Building a Bulb" page provides tutorials on the various editing options available during bulb creation.

You can Preview your bulb at any time before finishing it by clicking "Preview." (Responses in this mode will not be saved.)

When you've finished your bulb and are ready to share it. See the article on "Sharing your PlayPosit bulb" for more information.



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